An Appreciation of the Turkey Bowl

The grand tradition underpinning America’s greatest holiday.

It is a lesser known fact that football was actually invented by the Pilgrims. 

According to legend, it started at the home of the Standish family during the very first Thanksgiving, because Pilgrim Myles and Little Josiah were disrupting the meal prep.

Pilgrim Barbara, ambitious as ever, was over extended. As she anticipated the arrival of their indigenous guests, she worried that the Turkey might be dry, and the gravy was looking a bit lumpy, and she had never cooked maize mush before, which she thought looked too soupy…

With the first currant pie out the oven, Pilgrim Myles and Little Josiah began to pick and nibble at the meticulously formed crust.

Exasperated, Pilgrim Barbara grabbed a nearby gourd and commanded Myles “Be Gone!” Get thee to the Football Patch!” (gourds were known as “footballs” back then).

Hence was born the game of football, and the very first Turkey Bowl.

Conceived so Pilgrim Barbara could clear the kitchen, the Turkey Bowl remains as important as ever. It is a righteous tradition that serves important functions.

Why else do we play football on Thanksgiving? We’ve done our homework, surveyed the masses, and compiled the definitive list of why the Turkey Bowl is so vital:

  1. The Turkey Bowl is an American Tradition.
  2. Vigorous exercise, like playing football, cures your Thanksgiving Eve hangover.
  3. Believe me! It’s way more fun than a “Turkey Trot”.
  4. Nothing better than rough sports with friends and family.
  5. It’s essential for working up a hearty Thanksgiving appetite.
  6. and the corollary; Exercise softens the blow of the food coma that’s coming.
  7. The Turkey bowl is a legitimate excuse to crush your obnoxious, know-it-all cousin.
  8. Turkey Bowl heroics make great Thanksgiving dinner conversation.
  9. Getting muddy playing football satisfies a primal need.
  10. That amazing leather football that’s sitting on a shelf? It was made to play. Take it out now and use it the way the Thanksgiving gods intended.


Considering the tradition and importance of the Turkey Bowl , shouldn’t your game ball hold a place of honor and esteem? To quote the great Jason Gay of the Wall Street Journal, “A leather football is one of the things every home must have, like a dishwasher and a bourbon distillery in the garage.”

About that leather football, Leather Head Sports has you covered. Makers of the “The Official Football of Tailgating”, the Thanksgiving version is embossed with a football playing turkey and it is the ultimate leather game ball.

Rally the teams, grab your Turkey football and get outside! You’re gonna get dirty, but it will all be worth it. And when it’s over, you’ll have an appetite worthy of Thanksgiving.

Honor the family, honor tradition, and above all give thanks on Thanksgiving, the greatest holiday.

November 06, 2019 Published by Paul Cunningham


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