Leather Head x INVERSA

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The Power of Play

Elevate your game with footballs and baseballs that not only perform but promote environmental regeneration. Each product, made from Invasive™ Leather, helps to restore the balance of at least one of our precious ecosystems, from the Florida Everglades to the Mississippi Delta to the Caribbean Sea. With the exclusive Leather Head Sports x INVERSA collection, you have the power to create impact that goes beyond the gridiron, by playing the game you love with a ball you can cherish for life. 

By combining INVERSA's beyond sustainable Invasive™ Leather with Leather Head Sports' passion for exceptional quality and craftsmanship, this collaboration showcases a shared commitment to innovation and positive change, through the power of play.  The match to protect our planet is on. How will you play? 

 The Ball is in your Court 

The ball is in your court to be the change you want to see in the world. 
Join our mission and embrace the biodiversity restoration that the Leather Head Sports x INVERSA collection has to offer.