Frequently Asked Questions - General

Each LEATHER HEAD football is made in America by skilled craftspeople, using the finest leathers and materials .  LEATHER HEAD footballs are rugged and beautiful, designed to appeal to your senses.
When you buy a LEATHER HEAD football, you're getting an heirloom quality ball that will improve with use.
For reference, the factory made NFL game ball will set you back about $150.00.
Less expensive LEATHER HEAD copy-cats are out there, but beware!  They are made over seas from inferior materials.

They're made to play.

LEATHER HEAD footballs are charming and good looking.  They're fun
and tough too.  Comfortable on display, but they're only truly happy
outdoors, in the middle of the action.  This is why LEATHER HEAD footballs
are considered the official football of Summer, the beach, the back yard,
Thanksgiving, tailgating, family fun...

LEATHER HEAD footballs are designed
and made one at a time in our New Jersey workshop.  This allows us to
control every facet of the process. Control means quality, accuracy, and speed.
It means that we can do single item custom orders as well as large scale
production runs.  Since we’re not using over seas manufacturers, or
shipping from the eastern hemisphere, we can also offer unsurpassed speed and
security.  Watch the video 
here to see how we make

We make two sizes:

Regular and Official Size.

Regular LEATHER HEAD footballs are designed to be slightly smaller than an NFL

We wanted to create an exceptional ball that the average size person could hold
and throw.

Regular LEATHER HEAD footballs are about 19.5 inches around the middle, which
is the standard size of a "youth" football. 

Official Size LEATHER HEAD footballs are for bigger hands.  They're
the same size as the official NFL football.  They're made from the
same extraordinary leathers that we use in our regular size footballs.

We have a several sources of leather.
 We prefer American tanned leather and we work directly with a handful of
tanneries.  We also work with large scale suppliers of garment and fashion


LEATHER HEAD footballs make great gifts.  Items can be monogrammed,
laser engraved or even branded with a custom branding iron.  See our 
custom page for details and pricing.

LEATHER HEAD footballs are available
online and through a small group of carefully considered retail stores. 
We're interested in working with shop owners who want to put some effort behind
the promotion of LEATHER HEAD products.  For our part, we particularly
enjoy brainstorming ways to customize our products for individual
retailers.  To discuss a collaboration,

contact us with
your proposal, or simply to request our wholesale line sheet.

They're beautiful and they're more
than tough enough withstand the rigors of outdoor play, but we claim no
historic authenticity for LEMON BALL baseballs. They are 8.5 inches in
circumference and 3.5 ounces in weight.

That's horrible!  The good news
is that we offer lifetime bladder and lace replacement.  Should the ball's
bladder stop holding air,  send it back and we'll replace the bladder for

Note:  Some air loss over time is
normal for all inflated balls.  They can easily be re-inflated with a hand
pump and inflation needle.

Using the highest quality leather and
the most skilled craftspeople, we were proud to offer LEATHER HEAD
baseball gloves to elite baseball players from high school through the Major

Sadly, we've decided to discontinue our glove line to focus on our core
business.  We do have remaining inventory, so please contact us if you're
interested in a LEATHER HEAD baseball glove.