The Leather Head Story

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Growing up in Cooperstown, NY, I remember another era.  I remember breaking in a new ball glove to create a trusted companion.  Gathering after school to play sports.  Dreaming of Athletic heroics: throwing the last second touchdown, the shot at the buzzer, the walk off homer in the bottom of the ninth.

At Leather Head Sports we believe that the love of play is universal.  The love of sports starts early and stays with us our whole lives.

I started Leather Head Sports because my passion is making beautiful, heirloom quality sporting goods. 

In a connected, modern world, we want to remind folks that the best memories of sports are from when we were young, and our sporting goods were made to last.

So, get outside with a Leather Head football and experience life the way you did before your smart phone controlled you.  Leather Head sports balls are made for connecting with the people you love.  And snap a pic, shoot a video.  After all, Leather Head balls are also made to create the moments that you'll want to post.

-Paul Cunningham


Who We Are


Paul Cunningham, Founder, Craftsman

Leather Head Sports was founded by Paul Cunningham, a native son of Cooperstown, NY and a long time sports industry professional.

As the Photo Editor for Major League Baseball, Paul had the privilege to work with the greatest baseball photographers in the world.  While at MLB, Paul was also honing his skills as a passionate leather craftsman.

Following a calling, Paul left Major League Baseball to serve as the Sr. Baseball Glove Craftsman at a small baseball glove importer.  The need for independence and creative freedom lead him to strike out on his own.  Forming Cunningham Classics, LLC, Paul first created LEMON BALL™ baseballs and LEATHER HEAD™ footballs. With old world craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail, he has carved out a niche in distinctive, finely crafted American leather goods.


Catherine Leonard, Director of Administration

The affable Catherine joined Leather Head Sports in 2012 to take charge of our administrative functions. Since then, she has become our Cruise Director, General Manager, and moral compass. Unfailingly cheerful and kind, Catherine is the glue that keeps us together. She's the communicator that massages our wholesale accounts, and the bookkeeper that keeps the work flowing.


Debbie Vander Wiele, Director of Production

Debbie is the first employee of Leather Head Sports and the linchpin that keeps us in business. It's impossible to overstate Debbie's value to our company. She is a highly skilled sewer who assembles every ball that leaves our shop, and that is just the beginning. She manages production, workflow and our material supply. Debbie started in 2009 as a baseball stitcher, and now she manages all Lemon Ball production, in addition to sewing many of the Lemon Balls that we sell. 


Dante Santiago, Craftsman

Dante Joined us in 2018 and quickly became an indispensable part of the team.  Dante is a gifted craftsman who, without prior experience, soon mastered the critical elements of sports ball construction.  With a craftsman's dexterity and an artist's sensibility, Dante offers endless inspiration.  Dante's intelligent and thoughtful presence, make him a joy to have in the shop.   

Leather Head Sports
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Catherine Leonard
Director of Wholesale Accounts/Customer Support