Leather Baseball Gloves

At Leather Head Baseball we have a simple goal: create gloves for Major League players.
We auditioned a few of the World’s most highly regarded baseball glove factories. When we found our match, we asked them to create a handful of designs with the following specs:
1.Make the best gloves for Major League caliber players.  Gloves that take time to break in, but that will also stand up to the rigors of multiple Major League seasons.
2. Use the best leather, regardless of cost.
3. All leather components of the glove must come from the same tannage of leather. Why?  Because when the entire glove is made from the same leather the components marry into a single flawless unit.
4. Use the best components, including:
a. Welting: Clarino.  Clarino is an indestructible microfiber.  It makes superior welting, resulting in a stiffer, more durable glove.
b. Felt: Thick, dense felt is often what distinguished a sturdy, long lasting glove from one that goes floppy after a week of play.
c. Reinforcements: Research tells us that elite players prefer their gloves with a stiff pinkie and thumb.
d. Lace: Tennessee Tanning lace is the best there is.  This is the stuff we want in our gloves.
5. Make these gloves on the factory’s most experience production line. Each piece of the glove must come together with exacting precision.  It takes years of practice and experience to sew a Major League quality glove. Leather Head baseball gloves represent the best glove that a craftsman can produce.
Finally, we put the gloves into the hands of experienced Major League players and elite collegiate players.  They were told to beat them up and come back with constructive criticism.  Feedback was offered and tweaks were made.
The Leather Head Sports brand represents fine leather and excellence in craftsmanship.  It represents nostalgia.    Leather Head Baseball gloves are designed to evoke memories of the best baseball gloves from 30 years ago; gloves without bells and whistles.
With aesthetically clean and modern designs, we also knew we needed great graphics to compliment the gloves.  For this we turned to the extraordinarily talented Jon Contino to create a whole packet of  Leather Head branding that would speak to our heritage and give the gloves a modern but classic appeal. We spared no expense to create a baseball glove that is true to the Leather Head name.