Rough Rider Leather Football - Brown


Product: Rough Rider

Back again after a long absence.

The Rough Rider football was one of our best sellers back in the early days of Leather Head Sports.

The Rough Rider ball has the same nostalgic look and feel of our Handsome Dan ball.  The difference is that the leather has a smooth texture.  Made from rich, supple, uncorrected leather, the Rough Rider beautifully showcases the leather's natural characteristics.  Range scars and other evidence of the animal's life will be visible.

This ball will age beautifully, in fact it will improve with use.
Rough Rider is destined to become a constant companion.


About the size of a "Youth" football
Leather shell
Butyl rubber bladder
Raw hide lace
Polyester thread

Made for use.  Will patina beautifully over time

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