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Red, White & Blue Basketball

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LEATHER HEAD™ Handsome American Basketball.
 This Red, White and Blue leather basketball was designed to replicate the original style lace-up basketball that was used in the sport's formative years.
 Each ball is constructed of eight leather panels, and a tough rubber bladder. We're often asked if these balls can be played with. For reference we direct you to this video by Bavo Delbeke, one of the World's most accomplished basketball freestylers. Never the less, this ball is designed primarily for display, and not intended for the rigors of competitive play.

Like any basketball, it can be dribbled and shot.

It is made from top quality, American tanned leather.

30 1/4 inches in circumference
1lb 8 oz
Leather shell
Polyester thread
Rawhide lace
Extra tough rubber bladder

Watch Basketball freestyler Bavo Delbeke in a video made with our Leather Head basketballs.  

Watch the video of our basketball being made here.