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Limited Release: Black Horween Pro-Series Football - Ltd5

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Limited Release Football:   Ltd5-01 through Ltd5-24

The Black Horween Pro-Series Football.   Only 24 of these balls exist.  Each ball is debossed with an individual code number, ensuring its limited edition status.

These Limited Release Pro-Series balls are made from a single hide of genuine Horween Black Essex leather from Chicago's famed Horween tannery.  It's an elegant medium weight leather in black.  Embossed with a football pebble print.  It is stitched with black thread and laced with real NFL style rubberized nylon lace.  

The Horween Tannery:
Founded in Chicago in 1905, Horween is a storied American tannery that was instrumental in the early days of the NFL.  Horween continues to work closely with the leagues and leading sporting goods manufacturers to develop leathers specifically designed for sports, including football, basketball and baseball gloves.  Horween Football leather is embossed with a pebble print and treated to make the balls grip-able for play.

Notes on our Limited Release balls:
Leather is a beautiful and natural product, offering an unlimited palate.  Sometimes a single side of extraordinary leather catches our eye.  These are leathers of limited availability, but with all the right properties for making a remarkable football.  Typically we can get 10-14 footballs from a side of leather.  Once these balls are gone, they're not coming back.  They're limited, exclusive, and unique by design.  They're made to play, and with use, will age gracefully, as they develop a beautiful patina.

*Monogramming or customization is not available on this item.

Official Size (Pro-Series) football
Made from rich, full grain Horween Essex football leather.
Stitched with sturdy black polyester thread.
Rubberized lace.