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Football Repair Service

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Football Repair Service

Do you have an old relic?  An old football with historic significance or sentimental value?  An autographed football that is no longer holding air?

Why not send it into us for repair and revitalization?  We'll replace the old bladder with a new Butyl Rubber bladder and re-lace it with genuine rubberized nylon football lace.  We'll also lightly recondition the leather before returning it to you. 

Please refer to our Football Repair FAQ if you have any questions.

*Regarding the lace, please note: We are unable to re-use the original lace on your ball.  Older laces are nearly impossible to extract in one piece, and then, there is not enough slack available to re-lace the ball.

We respect valuable historic artifacts, and irreplaceable autographed balls so we advise a consultation to make sure the process is appropriate.  Please call Paul Cunningham at 201-857-4647 for a free consultation. 

*Technical note: We use genuine butyl rubber bladders which weigh about 4oz more than Polyurethane bladders.   Polyurethane bladders are used in most modern footballs. We've repaired hundreds of footballs, including Wilson, Rawlings, Nike and Spalding footballs, some surprisingly new. We've noted that polyurethane bladders don't expand and contract, making them vulnerable to changes in air pressure and changing weather conditions.  What we see every day is that polyurethane bladders aren't very durable and they actually disintegrate.  In contrast, butyl rubber expands and contracts with changes in air pressure, so butyl rubber bladders, while a bit heavier than polyurethane, are simply more durable.  Like all inflated sports balls, butyl rubber bladders will slowly bleed air over time and will need to be re-inflated periodically.

Please refer to our Football Repair FAQ if you have any questions.

1) Click "Add to Cart" button above to purchase Football Repair Service. Pay for  return shipping.
2) Package and ship your ball to us (address below).  We recommend wrapping your ball in craft paper and placing it in a box.  DO NOT wrap your ball in plastic or put it in a plastic bag.  The plastic has the potential to damage any autographs that may be on the ball.
3) Include a note detailing any relevant instructions: ALSO INCLUDE A NOTE WITH YOUR NAME AND RETURN ADDRESS INSIDE THE BOX!  (It may seem obvious, but you'd be surprised how many balls we get without a name  or return address.  This makes it very difficult, and sometimes impossible for us to return your ball to you).
4) Insurance: When shipping your football to us, we encourage you to consider insuring it for its estimated value. Please specify the value in the notes when you check out and we will insure the ball when we return it to you.  We can not be responsible for footballs while in transit.
5) Call us if you have specific questions or concerns: 201-857-4647

*NOTE*  Due to technical limitations, monogramming and laser engraving is not available with the repair service.

Ship ball to:

Paul Cunningham
Leather Head Sports
536 S. Broad St.
Glen Rock, NJ 07452