The Classic Gentleman’s Pre-Wedding Guide

You’ve popped the question, she said yes, and now you get to marry the girl of your dreams! Next comes wedding planning - every man’s favorite, right?

No, not usually. But there are actually quite a few things to do with your buddies before the big day, that don’t include picking out the venue or choosing flowers. To make sure your wedding festivities go off without a hitch, we’ve compiled the top 5 things every groom should think about before their wedding day.

Stick to Your Budget

It’s easy (mostly for the bride) to get caught up in the details and want to say yes to everything when it comes to wedding planning. A custom napkin design here, and a rare flower arrangement there can add up before you know it. Instead of going into debt over a one day event - albeit, a very important one - is usually not worth it. Make sure you stick to a budget and add in a little extra cushion in case you just can’t say no to something special.

Choose the Right Groomsmen

You’ve got the girl, now you need the perfect group of guys to stand by your side. Your groomsmen will set the tone for all your wedding festivities, so take careful consideration in choosing your band of brothers. Starting your wedding events off by picking the wrong men to be by your side can throw off your whole pre-wedding experience; you don’t want a boring bunch at the bachelor party or groomsmen who won’t be class acts at your reception.

Instead of asking the guys in a lame text message, use this as an opportunity to get them a groomsmen gift that they’ll not only love, but also be able to use! There’s a bunch of generic items you could grab - like sunglasses or koozies - but consider asking the question in style with a personalized Leather Head Gift Set. You can even customize a football or wallet with every guy’s initials.

Pick Out Dapper Suits

While the ladies are booking the reception hall, you get to pick out the perfect suits for your wedding day. Whether you want to get all the guys together for a day of trying on suits to get their opinion, or you want to style the ensembles yourself, it’ll be a nice way for you to showcase your personality. You can pick a classic black and white look that almost any wife would be okay with, or add a little quirk with a colorful tie and silly socks. No matter what you want, it’s probably a good idea to ask the future Mrs. before making a final decision.

Plan a Classy Bachelor Party

Arguably one of the funnest things for a groom when it comes to a wedding is planning the bachelor party - or at least having some say in the night’s festivities. In most scenarios, the bachelor party activities are made by the best man, but that doesn’t mean you can’t give suggestions! Maybe you’re the type of guy who likes a low key night in to play poker with your pals, or maybe you want your “last hoorah” to be a weekend trip to Vegas. Whatever you choose, you’ll make some of the best memories of your life.

Get the Wedding Bands

Some couples go wedding band shopping together, while some want to keep the bands a surprise for the special day. If you and your future wife decide to go pick bands out on your own, this experience can be turned into a fun time by grabbing a friend or two to go with you. To make it more enticing for your friends to join you, bribe them with a glass of scotch.

6 Graduation gift ideas that are sure to make you MVP

6 Graduation gift ideas that are sure to make you MVP

Whether it’s time for your young man to graduate and fly the coop, or you’ve got a grandson who is making the move to the next stage in his life, you’ll want them to know how proud you are of them. Rather than give a gift that he will never use, get him a graduation present that he will appreciate.

When selecting a graduation gift, many people opt for something elegant, something meaningful, and something that will last a lifetime. But try taking the recipient's personality into consideration and shop according to that. What do they like? Have they mentioned something they’ve always wanted but never got? Is there something they need to start them off on the right foot? If you’re not sure, have a conversation and try to fish for ideas without giving your motive away.

Graduation is a special occasion and quite an accomplishment, so put some thought into finding the right item. Here are a few ideas to consider.

A Nice, Fitted Suit

With luck, the young man in your life will head off to college or to his first big job, and having a nice suit that fits properly is a great way to start off this stage of his life. With the suit, don’t get too fancy, and stick with the standard colors most professionals wear, such as blue, gray or black. One of the most important parts of a nice suit is the fit, so make sure you’re able to get his measurements!


A Professional Watch

While many people are now wearing smartwatches, they lack the elegance and style of a nice, analog watch. You don’t have to spend a fortune on a Rolex (although that’s an idea) because there are plenty of high-quality, stylish watches that can be had for as little as $150.




A Personalized Memento

Getting a personalized gift is a great option because it’s something he will keep forever and possibly even pass down to his children. You can opt for an engraving on the watch you’re looking at, or try something even more practical and special, such as a personalized leather ball and gift set from Leather Head Sports. Their products are not only stylish and practical, but will also last a lifetime.

Grooming Kit

Now, we’re not talking about disposable razors and a can of shaving cream here, but an elegant shaving kit with a real razor and all the items needed for a man to properly groom himself. There are so many on the market to choose from, too!




Sure, appliances aren’t a particularly fun gift to receive, but if your graduate is ready to move into his first apartment, he will need a few things to get him started on the right foot. And while it’s not the most exciting gift, sometimes getting him exactly what he needs is the best choice. It doesn’t have to be toasters or refrigerators either - a big screen TV or a new computer will do just fine.





If all else fails, you can always give money or a gift card. This is a great gift to give and your graduate is sure to appreciate and it and put it to good use. To make it a little more exciting (and funny for everyone else involved), you can try putting a few dollar bills in a gigantic wrapped box to throw him off.


When it’s all said and done, finding the right gift is pretty easy - just use your skills, ask around, and take your best guess. We’re sure he’ll appreciate the love!