Handsome Dan Leather Football - Brown


Product: Handsome Dan Football

”The Official Football of Tailgating”

Currently featured in The Magnolia Journal as one of Chip Gaines' "Fall Favorites".

Handsome Dan is our signature football, the one the The Wall Street Journal called "The Perfect Football"

I started Leather Head Sports with a sense of nostalgia and the
conviction that the love of sports is universal.
We strive to create heirloom quality products that connect generations and evoke memories of a simpler time.
The Handsome Dan football is our first design and it remains our best seller.

The Handsome Dan football is made from rich, supple, uncorrected leather.
This ball will age beautifully, in fact it will improve with use.
Handsome Dan is destined to become a constant companion.


About the size of a "Youth" football
Leather shell
Butyl rubber bladder
Raw hide lace
Polyester thread

Featured in:
The Magnolia Journal
The Wall Street Journal
Cigar Aficionado magazine
Esquire Magazine


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