Leather Head 16 oz Pint Glasses (Set of 4)


Introducing Leather Head barware!

After a rough day making leather footballs, we like to relax every now and then with a cold pint.  The beer ain't gonna drink itself, so we commissioned a batch of Leather Head pint glasses to help get the job done.  Drinking alone is sad, so we sell these in sets of four.  Buy two sets and share with some friends.

Leather Head Pint Glasses pair well with Leather Head Coasters and are especially handy while quenching your thirst after a game of backyard football.

Set of four 16oz pint glasses
Leather Head logo
Hefty design, dishwasher safe
Great choice when serving beer, but works well with many other beverages.

Leather Head 16oz Pint Glasses - 

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