American Bison Leather Football - Brown



Footballs don't get more American than this.

A few years ago, we were approached by a notable retailer.
They asked us to create one of our signature Lemon Ball baseballs from American bison leather.
We sourced the leather from an American tannery that specializes in tanning bison hides.
With a big pile of leather left over from our Lemon Ball production, we decided to make a few footballs.
The results were spectacular.
Since then, the brown bison football has become one of our top sellers.

Hand made in our NJ shop from hand selected American Bison leather.
Made from rich, supple leather, this ball will
age beautifully and become a constant companion. F1-Bison-DkBrn


About the size of a "Youth" football
American Bison Leather shell
Butyl rubber bladder
Raw hide lace
Polyester thread


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