It's what we're about.  Serious Leather looks better, smells better, and performs better than the cheap stuff.

LEATHER HEAD products are made from Serious Leather.  We've purchased, cut, and sewn hundreds of thousands of square feet of it, so we know about Serious Leather. 

When we set out to design a better baseball glove, we were looking to reincarnate the sturdy gloves that we grew up with.  Gloves that cost a lot of money; the best you could buy.  And they were worth it.  They were made to last, and if you respected your glove, and took care of it, it would take care of you.   Leather Head Baseball Gloves are that kind of ball glove.

To make a better baseball glove, it takes years of experience playing ball.  It includes thousand of hours at the work bench.  It starts with Serious Leather!