Exotic Leathers

The Leather Head Exotics collection represents the pinnacle of the craft. 

Exotic leathers are rare, distinctive, delicate, and very expensive.  Exotic leathers are unforgiving to work with and mistakes are costly.  It takes years of training and experience to skillfully work with exotic leathers.

Exotic leathers come from many sources and the potential for abuse is a concern.  We are conscientious about only using exotic hides from reliable sources.  The species that we select are sustainably farmed, or part of an ecologically damaging invasive species.  When possible we include CITES numbers to assure the provenance of the hides we use.

Some of the exotics that you can expect to see here are:
American Bison
American Alligator
Reticulated Python
Invasive Everglades Burmese Python
Invasive Lionfish
Invasive Dragonfin